Friday, 24 June 2011

Why we should use WCF

1.    More protocol options; ASMX is IIS and HTTP only - WCF gives you HTTP, NetTcp, MSMQ, IPC
2.    You can write your service once, and expose it on multiple endpoints.
3.    Self-hosting: you can host your WCF service in a console app, a Winforms app, a WPF app, or let it be handled by IIS/WAS.
4.    A lot more options like reliable sessions, lot more security options.
5.    You don't have to deal with as much "plumbing goo" in WCF as you do in ASMX - you can concentrate on your business problem, and let the config and attributes handle all the gooey stuff you don't want to deal with.
6.    With WCF you can use SSL to encrypt the communication (to do that in ASMX you need to use WSE - Web Services Enhancements), you can send big files and securely (to do that in ASMX you need to use MTOM - Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism).

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