Monday, 5 September 2011

C# versions and their features

Each version of C# has a number of new features and generally a major theme. The major themes have been generics and nullable types in C# 2.0, LINQ in C# 3.0, and dynamic types in C# 4.0. The major features added in each release are generally considered to be the following:
·         C# 2.0 - Generics (.NET Framework support was added, and C# benefited from this); iterator pattern (the yield keyword); anonymous methods (the delegate keyword), nullable types, and the null coalescing operator (??).
·         C# 3.0 - Anonymous types, extension methods, object initializers, collection initializers, implicitly typed local variables (var keyword), lambda expressions (=>), and the LINQ query expression pattern.
·         C# 4.0 - Optional Parameters and Named Arguments, Dynamic typing (dynamic type), improved COM-Interop, and Contra and Co-Variance.

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