Monday, 30 March 2015

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts Keys

Playing with keyboard shortcuts is very interesting and reduces the head-ache of using mouse again and again while programming with visual studio IDE. Shortcut keys play an important role to increase the output and productivity as they reduce coding time. Developers work at least 8 hours on daily basis on Visual Studio. If the developer knows the shortcut keys, he can keep away from using of mouse and absolutely it will enhance productivity. I am sharing some useful shortcut keys to work with Visual Studio.
Edit Code
Ctrl + L
Delete current line or selection of lines to and add to clipboard
Ctrl + Shift + L
Delete current line or selection of lines
Ctrl + Delete
Delete word to right of cursor
Ctrl + Backspace
Delete word to left of cursor
Ctrl + Enter
Enter blank line above cursor
Ctrl + Shift + Enter
Enter blank line below cursor
Ctrl + Shift + U
Make uppercase
Ctrl + U
Make lowercase
Ctrl + K + C
Comment selected text
Ctrl + K + U
Uncomment selected text
Ctrl + K + \
Remove white space and tabs in selection or around current cursor position
Ctrl + K + D
Format document to code formatting settings
Ctrl + K + F
Format selection to code formatting settings
Ctrl + Shift + Space
Display parameter required for selected method
Ctrl + Shift + 8
Visualize whitespace (or press Ctrl + R, then Ctrl + W)
Ctrl + Shift + T
Transpose word to right of cursor; makes b=a out of a=b if cursor was in front of a
Ctrl + T
Transpose character left and right of cursor; cursor between ab would make ba
Shift + Alt + T
Transpose line: Move line below cursor up and current line down
Switches from the design view to the code view in the editor
Shift + F7
Switches from the code view to the design view in the editor

Collapse Item
Ctrl + M + M
Collapse / un-collapse current preset area (e.g. method)
Ctrl + M + H
Collpase / hide current selection
Ctrl + M + O
Collapse declaration bodies
Ctrl + M + A
Collapse all
Ctrl + M + X
Uncollapse all
Ctrl + M, Ctrl + H
Collapse Html tag

IntelliSense and Code Helper
Ctrl + Space or Alt + Right Arrow
Autocomplete word from completion list
Ctrl + Shift + Space
Show parameter info
Ctrl + F12
Display symbol definition
Display symbol declaration
Ctrl + J
Open IntelliSense completion list

Ctrl + K + K
Toogle bookmark
Ctrl + K + N
Goto next bookmark
Ctrl + K + P
Goto previous bookmark
Ctrl + Shift + K + N
Goto next bookmark in folder
Ctrl + Shift + K + P
Goto previous bookmark in folder
Ctrl + K + W
Put focus on bookmark window
Ctrl + K + H
Toggle code shortcut at current line
Ctrl + K + L
Clear all bookmarks
Ctrl + \ + T
Show Task List (including code shortcuts)

Find, Replace, and Goto
Ctrl + F
Find and replace dialog box
F3/Shift + F3
Find next / find previous
Ctrl + H
Display Replace options on the quick tab
Shift + F12
Finds the reference to the selected method, variable, class or the item under the cursor
Ctrl + Shift + F
Find in files
Alt + F3 , s
Stop current find in files operation
Ctrl + F3/Ctrl + Shift + F3
Find next / find previous in selected text
Alt + F12
Find symbol
Ctrl + D
Put cursor in find/command box of the toolbar. Use ctrl+/ in Visual C#
Ctrl + I/Ctrl + Shift + I
Incremental search / reverse incremental search
Shift + Alt + F12
Quick find symbol
Ctrl + ,
Display Navigate-To dialog box
Ctrl + G
Goto line number
Ctrl + ]
Go to matching brace in source file
Ctrl + Shift + ]
Select text between matched braces, brackets or compiler directives
Shift + Ctrl + Arrow down
Jump to next occurrence of highlighted symbol
Shift + Ctrl + Arrow up
Jump to previous occurrence of highlighted symbol

Find, Replace, and Goto
Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V
Cut, Copy, Paste
Ctrl + Shift + V
Pastes an item from the Clipboard ring
Ctrl + Z
Ctrl + Y

Select Text
Shift + Arrow Keys
Extend selection one character/one line
Ctrl + Shift + End/Ctrl + Shift + Home
Extend selection to end / to beginning of document
Shift + End/Shift + Home
Extend selection to end / to beginning of line
Shift + Page Down/Shift + Page Up
Extends selection down one page / up one page
Ctrl + W
Select current word
Ctrl + Shift + Page Down/Page Up
Moves cursor and extend selection to the last line / first line in view.
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Right/Arrow Left
Extend selection one word to the right / one word to the left
Ctrl + A
Select All

Manage Visual Studio
Ctrl + S
Save current file
Ctrl + Shift + S
Save all files
Ctrl + Shift + N
Create new project
Ctrl + O
Open file
Ctrl + Shift + O
Open project
Ctrl + Shift + A
Add new item to project
Alt + Shift + A
Add existing item to project
Close current dialog box or menu
Ctrl + P
Shift + Alt + Enter
Toggle full screen mode
Ctrl + F4
Close current tab
Ctrl + F6 / Ctrl + Shift F6
Go to next / Go to previous window
Ctrl + Tab and then Arrow keys
It gives a small task manager with all open files and views

Build and Debug
Build solution
Ctrl + Alt + F7
Rebuild solution
Ctrl + Break
Cancel build process
Ctrl + \ + E
Show error list
Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl + B
Insert new function breakpoint
Start debugging
Debug / step into
Debug / step over
Shift + F11
Debug / step out
Ctrl + F10
Debug / run to cursor
Ctrl + Alt + Q
Show Quickwatch window
Ctrl + Shift + F10
Set current statement to be the next executed
Alt + *(on numeric keyboard)
Show next statement
Ctrl + Alt + E
Show Exception dialog box
Ctrl + F11
Toggle between disassembly and user code view
Shift + F5
Stop Debugging
Ctrl + F5
Bypass debugger
Ctrl + Alt + P
Show attach to process window
Ctrl + Alt + Break
Break all executing threads
Shift + F9
Display the selected item quick output means contains value while debugging

Tool Window
Ctrl + /
Put cursor in the find/command box in toolbar
Ctrl + K + B
Open code snippet manager window
Alt + F11
Open macro IDE window
Ctrl + K + W
Open bookmark window
Ctrl + Alt + K
Open call hierarchy window
Ctrl + Shift + C
Open Class view window
Ctrl + Alt + A
Open Command window
Ctrl + Shift + O
Open Output window
Ctrl + Shift + E
Open Resource view window
Ctrl + Alt + S
Open Server explorer window
Ctrl + Shift + L
Open Solution explorer window
Shift + Esc
Close Find & Replace Window

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