Thursday, 31 May 2018

Angular - Parent and children communicate via a service

A parent component and its children share a service whose interface enables bi-directional communication within the family.
The scope of the service instance is the parent component and its children. Components outside this component subtree have no access to the service or their communications.
This MissionService connects the MissionControlComponent to multiple AstronautComponent children.
import { Injectable } from '@angular/core';
import { Subject }    from 'rxjs';

export class MissionService {

  // Observable string sources
  private missionAnnouncedSource = new Subject<string>();
  private missionConfirmedSource = new Subject<string>();

  // Observable string streams
  missionAnnounced$ = this.missionAnnouncedSource.asObservable();
  missionConfirmed$ = this.missionConfirmedSource.asObservable();

  // Service message commands
  announceMission(mission: string) {;

  confirmMission(astronaut: string) {;
The MissionControlComponent both provides the instance of the service that it shares with its children (through the providers metadata array) and injects that instance into itself through its constructor:
import { Component }          from '@angular/core';

import { MissionService }     from './mission.service';

  selector: 'app-mission-control',
  template: `
    <h2>Mission Control</h2>
    <button (click)="announce()">Announce mission</button>
    <app-astronaut *ngFor="let astronaut of astronauts"
      <li *ngFor="let event of history">{{event}}</li>
  providers: [MissionService]
export class MissionControlComponent {
  astronauts = ['Lovell', 'Swigert', 'Haise'];
  history: string[] = [];
  missions = ['Fly to the moon!',
              'Fly to mars!',
              'Fly to Vegas!'];
  nextMission = 0;

  constructor(private missionService: MissionService) {
      astronaut => {
        this.history.push(`${astronaut} confirmed the mission`);

  announce() {
    let mission = this.missions[this.nextMission++];
    this.history.push(`Mission "${mission}" announced`);
    if (this.nextMission >= this.missions.length) { this.nextMission = 0; }
The AstronautComponent also injects the service in its constructor. Each AstronautComponent is a child of the MissionControlComponent and therefore receives its parent's service instance:
import { Component, Input, OnDestroy } from '@angular/core';

import { MissionService } from './mission.service';
import { Subscription }   from 'rxjs';

  selector: 'app-astronaut',
  template: `
      {{astronaut}}: <strong>{{mission}}</strong>
        [disabled]="!announced || confirmed">
export class AstronautComponent implements OnDestroy {
  @Input() astronaut: string;
  mission = '<no mission announced>';
  confirmed = false;
  announced = false;
  subscription: Subscription;

  constructor(private missionService: MissionService) {
    this.subscription = missionService.missionAnnounced$.subscribe(
      mission => {
        this.mission = mission;
        this.announced = true;
        this.confirmed = false;

  confirm() {
    this.confirmed = true;

  ngOnDestroy() {
    // prevent memory leak when component destroyed
Notice that this example captures the subscription and unsubscribe() when the AstronautComponent is destroyed. This is a memory-leak guard step. There is no actual risk in this app because the lifetime of a AstronautComponent is the same as the lifetime of the app itself. That would not always be true in a more complex application.
You don't add this guard to the MissionControlComponent because, as the parent, it controls the lifetime of the MissionService.
The History log demonstrates that messages travel in both directions between the parent MissionControlComponent and the AstronautComponent children, facilitated by the service:


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